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Inspired and curated by Izabela Jaroszewska, Ph.D


Involved Artists

Dr Izabela Jaroszewska, Visual Artist
Creative Head of the OpenWebArtProject
Ph.D in Photography and Cinematography

Izabela JaroszewskaVisiting Professor of Photography and Art Perception at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Founder of European Academy of Photography. Fine Art Photographer and Filmaker. Mindful Art Teacher with education and experience in Photography, Cinematography, Painting, Theater and Dance.  Art Critic specializing in comparisons of Eastern and Western art. Currently Izabela Jaroszewska is residing in Italy. Dr. Jaroszewska has lectured at The Royal Academy of Art in the Hague in Holand and Academy of Fine Art in Venise, Italy and given many workshops all over the world. Dr.Jaroszewska gave lectures at the Visual Art Department, Psychology Department and Religious Studies Departament. She had great success applying her extensive knowledge and practical exercises in working with the students of the visual arts. Painters, actors, dancers, psychologists, social activists and art therapists all benefited from her expertise. This showed the openness and versatility of Dr. Jaroszewska’s teaching methods. Izabela Jaroszewska´s photographs were exhibited in almost 80 galleries. The most important are: Gallery, AMSTERDAM, Holand,The Hafnarfjordur Institute of Culture and Fine Art, REYKJAVIK, ISLAND,Espace Chatlet Victoria, PARIS PHOTO 2012.

Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Painter

Philip Rubinov JacobsonDespite his over-educated background (5 academic degrees), Prof Phil says he learned absolutely nothing about painting at any university, nor did he buy into their propaganda. In 1973, blowing off ivy-league scholarships, Philip left the USA to study painting in Vienna, Austria under his mentor, Ernst Fuchs, founder of the School of Fantastic Realism. This is where he met his friends De Es, Michael Fuchs, Wolfgang Widmoser, Olga Spiegel, Hanna Kay, Brigid Marlin, Robert Venosa, later Mati Klarwein and the handful of others that comprise the first and finest wave of fantastic-visionary painters under Fuchs’ tutelage.  In 1997 Ernst Fuchs requested that Prof. Phil formally carry on his teachings in mische-technique and he has been holding his renowned international painting seminars ever since. In 2012, his partner Mantra Cora, joined him in organizing and teaching in the seminars. Rubinov’s travels have been extensive, including India, where he studied meditation, Eastern philosophy and wandered naked with a band of sadhus in 1978. In 1995, the professor founded and directed the School of Extended Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where he served as the Dean from 1991-1997. The artist has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide. He is the author of  DRINKING LIGHTNING – Art, Creativity and Transformation from Shambhala and Marja Publications and PROMETHEAN FLAMES- Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire, from Betty & Books, Bologna, Italy (Summer 2008). This series of books on art and consciousness culminates in his forthcoming work- EYES OF THE SOUL – Exploring Inspiration in Art with a Foreword by his friend, Ken Wilber.

Erica Scherl, Musician

Erica ScherlVViolinist with a classical background, she has deepened her interest for many different kinds of musical genres, working with improvisation, contemporary music (Les violons d’Ingres, Violongeria, Fontanamix Ensemble), flamenco music (Flamenquevive, she founded Alboreo quartet) and live electronics, and playing with many of the most significative musicians of improvisation music scene (Tristan Honsinger, Domenico Caliri, Mauro Campobasso, Paolo Botti, Michele Rabbia, Barbara de Dominicis, Claudio Milano, Boris Savoldelli and others). Her musical versatility and her personal background of contact with different artistic disciplines as dance and theater, brings her to a frequent performing activity  (in 2012 her solo project “Dedicato – performance for one” makes debut at Festival Peraspera in Bologna) and to the interaction with many dance and thater companies, with instantaneous composition and creation of original music (Cantharide, Gohatto, Amorevole Compagnia Pneumatica). Since 2012 “Interiors” is her new project with Valerio Corzani, in which she  refines the electric violin’s langage and violin’s timbral stratification.
She masters baroc and renaissance music and praxis with original instruments, performing with well known ensembles (La Rossignol, Sensus, Il Falcone).
She develops an intense and various international performing activity, which allows her to deepen the meeting with different cultures and musical worlds.

Dr Gregory A. Dunn, Ph.D in Neuroscience

Greg DunnI explore the fusion of art and science through compositions in gold leaf.  My hope is to expose a wide audience to the beautiful microscopic worlds that escape our daily notice, uncovering the beauty that exists through innovations in aesthetic design.  My training in neuroscience and my ability to communicate directly with professional scientists and physicians allows me to bring scientific themes to vibrant life through my art. Artistic Specialties: Neuroscience, biology, Asian aesthetic, sumi-e, gold leaf, metallic materials, reflective design, microetching, photolithography, ink on paper, illustration, hanging scrolls. Education: Ph.D., Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2011. and B.A., Molecular Biology and Music, University of California, Berkeley, 1998-2002.

Elisa Zurlo, Multimedia Artist

Elisa ZurloElisa Zurlo was born in Padua, graduated Disciplines Art Music and Cinema University of Bologna. From 1995 to 2003 she had an artist residency at CICV Pierre Schaeffer (Fr) where she experimented new forms of electronic and digital arts, writing projects for the electronic arts and creation works.
In her works, the light is a key element as well as the poetic transposition born from the art-science research. She reworked the forms of vision by creating multimedia and interactive projects such as Salitude 2000, for Bologna (EU), and Flying Cities a trans-installation of architecture in outer space where the voice of the public is real time transformed in bright images of architecture.
As filmmakers collaborated with Polygone Etoilé atelier creative cinema.
Last recent years she realized- ..XM24 for the 2011 Venice Biennale, a video where bodies in constant metamorphosis dance pierced by light
Uncommon Places a video-dance performance where the body is seen as a “place” not common, receptive of signs and situations.
The transition from Uncommon Places to Physis is marked by a drawing, “Cosmographie”, a kind of manifesto dotted by numbers and mathematical formulas developed in a spiral that goes toward a scientific reading of the universes. It ‘also an investigation into the matter, through digital experimentation, breaking it apart in its primary cells to transform it into something else through light electronics. She’s continuing her art-science research with interactive works Connections / Synapses and Infiniti Future.


Scientific Explanation by Izabela Jaroszewska, Ph.D